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Is Web Design a Good Career in 2021?

Well, first of all, kudos to you for working towards finding your ground as a professional. It’s no news that you are looking for new opportunities, and we’re just glad we can help you out. Now that you have already narrowed down a field you want to pursue, let’s understand if a career in web design is the right choice.

To answer the question, web designing is an evergreen field. Thanks to 2020 (or not), every organization has realized the importance of having an online presence. When the pandemic hit the world, brands realized that their digital footprints were the only way to engage the audience. A career in web design is not just limited to designing a website, and you will be required to have some additional technical skills. Apart from having a sharp eye for design, you will also need to keep up with the latest technological advancements to make sure that the website you work on is competent in every way.

With that said, here is why a career in web design might prove to be the right choice in 2021:

1. Growing widely in many industries

Continuing to what we discussed before, many industries are prioritizing the importance of having a friendly website. And this not just includes having a responsive and robust site and the look and feel of it. With AR and VR growing, industries like e-commerce and interior designing are leveraging design to let the users make the most of window-shopping without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The opportunities have grown tremendously for someone looking to start a career in web design at this time. So if this excites you, the time to jump ship is now!

Web Design Career: Growing widely

2. The importance of user experience

User experience, a simple concept but a major driving force for users to stick to a brand. If a visitor’s interaction lacks a good UX, it’s unlikely for them to keep coming back to your website.

A web designer ensures that users do not bounce off the website without doing any desired actions. UX is subjective to everyone, so this is a creatively stimulating task for a web designer to create an experience that positively sticks with the user.

Web Design Career: Importance of user experience

3. Developing a brand personality

Creating a website is not something where the work ends. A designer is responsible for giving the brand a tone, identity, and personality. Brand personality is how a user perceives your brand, what emotions it incites in them. A web designer is primarily responsible for this – so if you want to drive real value, web designing is for you.

Web Design Career: Developing a brand personality

4. The easiest way to start – freelancing

Now when the remote work culture has been around for over a year, companies are open to looking for qualified individuals to work on a specific project part-time. You can test the waters by building a portfolio on any freelancing network if you are starting. As a freelancer, you will get the opportunity to work on multiple projects, gaining more exposure.

If you are a fresher, a student, or a professional looking for a change, freelancing can prove to be beneficial before you make a complete shift to web designing.

Web Design Career: Start freelancing

5. Everything is digital

How many times did you go to a store to specifically buy something in the last year alone? Not a lot, right? The ease and the comfort that digital platforms provide these days are incomparable. The opportunities for a web designer in every industry are endless if you are up for the challenge.

Web Design Career: Everything is digital

Moving to digital is not a trend that will fade away. So the time to pursue a career in Web Design now is better than ever.

Web designing is a career that will only go upwards. So if this is something you find exciting, get onboard. The best part is that you don’t need a traditional degree to land a job as a web designer. As long as you have the skills, you’ve got it. To help you get started and take the first step, we have curated a course that will help you understand the basics of Web Design.

Learn Web Design course on Android.

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